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A citation!

June 12, 2014

This blog now has an h-factor of 1. Only not really. Meredith Kelly and others, writing in Geology about the Last Glacial Maximum in the Rwenzori Mountains, used the discussion of reproducibility of Be-10 production rate estimates from tropical sites in this post in their estimate of exposure-age uncertainties.  Presumably, this required some sort of a citation. Here are the policies and examples for citing online material according to the Geology author instructions:


MARGINS, 1999, The Seismogenic Zone Experiment (SEIZE): Science plan: html (accessed July 2001).

Johnson, A.B., 2001, Raw data for relay stations AB1–AB15 in the Mojave Desert: (accessed December 2001).

[Websites should only appear in References Cited section when referring to published entities offered on a website, including articles, books, blogs, etc. When citing an entire website or referring to general content on the site, mention the title of the site in the main text of the paper with the web address appearing in parentheses beside the title. It would not need to appear in the References Cited section.]

At face value, this would appear to indicate that a blog entry deserves a full entry in the list of references. However, it did not receive that — somewhere in the editing process it was relegated to the parentheses-in-the-main-text option. Thus leaving h still equal to zero.



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