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Geometric shielding calculator applicability

July 20, 2012

Dear Greg,

I am having a look into the Geometric Shielding Calculator that you wrote and I wonder if it is specific for 10Be and 26Al or it also works with 36Cl.


The geometric shielding calculator computes shielding by assuming a zenith angle distribution of the cosmic radiation suitable for high-energy neutrons. Thus, it applies for production of any nuclide directly by high-energy neutron spallation, or by lower-energy neutrons that are secondary products of the high-energy neutron flux. This includes Be-10, Al-26, and Cl-36 produced by spallation as well as Cl-36 produced by low-energy neutron capture (the latter requires some additional assumptions, but should be more or less correct). However, a shielding factor computed for spallogenic production does not apply to production by muons, because muons have a different zenith angle distribution. The online calculator does not apply any shielding factor to muon production when it calculates exposure ages.

hope that helped,


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